Cadet Tenders – Roll Up Slatted Floor

A reliable and tireless tender...

The Cadet is a small tender with nothing to fear from the larger ones. Its buoyancy structure with progressive capacity gives more stability and hence more safety. This unique concept, especially suitable for 4-stroke motors, has an amazing load capacity and superior space. Very compact and easy to stow in a cockpit locker.

They are available with Inflatable, Slatted or Solid floors. 

The most innovative yet of the flooring systems is known as the FAST ROLLER or ACTI- V.

Please click on the Fast Roller section for full details of this range.

What is included?

The Cadets are a welded boat [with 3 layers on the seams], made in Strongan ® Duotex ® 1100 decitex fabrics it also has re-inforced cone ends. Also fitted are bow handles, 2 x stainless steel towing rings, all round ribbed rubbing strake for added protection, aluminium outboard plate, self bailing drain bungs, a rapid installation bench seat (except the Cadet 200), re-inforced aluminium oars and new oarlock system, suitable foot pump, repair kit, owners manual, and carry bag