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Zodiac MilPro Futura Commando FC-470


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Battle tested – Made for Military Tactical Operations

Well known throughout the world as the definitive Special Forces boat, the FC – Futura Commando – range is used by more elite soldiers and sailors than any other craft worldwide. It is the only craft of its type that has actually been used in combat in different theatres and comes through with flying colors.

This is a result of its unique trimaran FC hull shape designed with removable lateral stabilizers, and various floor system that allows it to carry combatants in a variety of missions. The hull shape is especially important as it can get a large load on the plane as well as give the pilot unsurpassed maneuverability in various and dangerous conditions.

Continually being updated for its ever-changing roles, the FC range is Zodiac Milpro™ most recognizable military boat for Special Forces and Commandos. 


Mission requirements

  • Fast to deploy (Diving or CO² bottle)
  • Excellent proven performance for infiltration and assault missions
  • Large range of accessories and options
  • Underwater cache capability



Features & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty fabric (1670 dtx and 1880 dtx) combined with high-quality manufacturing
  • Durability unmatched in the market
  • Intercommunication valves & fast inflation kits + Roll-up or Air floors EVO 7
  • Fast deployment
  • High-level equipment and accessories
  • Suited to all kinds of missions


Overall length 4.70 m / 15’5″
Weight 146 kg / 322 lb
Maximum payload 1250 kg / 2756 lb
Number of persons 10
Recommended power 65 hp
FLOOR  Roll-Up / Rigid


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