Zodiac MilPro

Zodiac MilPro SRMN 550


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World Recognized SEA RIB®

Zodiac Milpro SRMN boats were originally built for Military use so their hulls are reinforced to take the maximum G forces that are applied when fully laden and powered at maximum speed.

These Sea Ribs are simple, functional and tough. The collar is a heavy-duty neoprene hypalon with Zodiac Milpro’s special intercommunicating valves. The total deck area is open and reinforced allowing installation anywhere of our wide range of steering consoles, bolsters and other equipment.


Mission requirements

  • Tough and reliable
  • Easy to customize and maintain
  • Seaworthy RIBs
  • Efficient load carriers



Features & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty fabrics (1880 dtx) and proven design
  • Tough & Reliable RIBs
  • Excellent reputation
  • Intercommunication valves + sea-keeping hulls
  • Functional and easy to handle
  • Wide range of deck configurations
  • Customizable (easy rigging)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Large free decks
  • Versatile platform (large interior space)




Overall length(including engine)

5.50 m / 18’01’’

Weight (empty)

300 kg / 661 lb



Maximum payload

1270 kg / 2800 lb

Number of persons (ISO standards)




Recommended power

90 hp


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